EMCC Hrvatska

1st online conference

The road to future of coaching,
mentoring and supervision

November 18th 2021 11:00‑16:15 CEST

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The best is yet to come

The road to future of coaching, mentoring and supervision | Online Conference 2021

We are delighted to invite you to EMCC Croatia Conference on Thursday, November 18th 2021.

This is a fully FREE and VIRTUAL event, and will be held in English language.

It is aimed at local and international Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors community, as well as Leaders and Managers, HR Professionals and related helping professions who would like to get to know more on how coaching and mentoring can positively impact their teams and organizations.

​We are bringing you a range of highly acclaimed international speakers, with session topics covering leadership, sustainable change, latest trends, supervision and mentoring.

Looking forward to see you there!


11:00-11:10 CEST
Conference Opening
Nathalie Lerotić Pavlik

11:10-12:00 CEST
Best is yet to come: Leadership Paradigm Shift and Mentoring & Coaching
Dr. Riza Kadilar

12:00-12:45 CEST
Trends in Coaching and Mentoring
Prof David Clutterbuck

12:45-13:45 CEST
Networking Break / Lunch Break

13:45-14:30 CEST
The Science of Effective Change
Dr. Celine Mullins

14:30-14:45 CEST
Networking Break

14:45-15:30 CEST
Why Supervision? You don’t know what you’re missing!
Dr. Lise Lewis

15:30-16:15 CEST
How to be an outstanding Mentor in the 2020s
Nigel Cumberland

16:15-16:25 CEST
Conference Closing
Dr. Riza Kadilar & Nathalie Lerotić Pavlik

Meet out speakers

Dr. Riza Kadilar

Best yet to come: Leadership Paradigm Shift and Mentoring & Coaching

Business world is going thru a fundamental change. Leadership is being redefined as our existing paradigms are being challenged. Humanity strives to create an inclusive society ready to cope with climate challenge and digital transformation. This is the time for coaching and mentoring to shine, and enlarge its impact in all parts of society. Best yet to come for coaching and mentoring.


Nigel Cumberland

How to be an outstanding Mentor in the 2020s

Come and explore the essential best practices to successfully mentor with impact in our fast changing world. Understand what it takes to successfully mentor today's younger generations who are starting out in their careers, and who will be leaders in their respective fields in the years ahead.


Professor David Clutterbuck

Trends in Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are undergoing a major evolution as they adapt to the evolving world around us. Tomorrow’s coaching and mentoring will be more evidence based, have much wider impact than traditional individual-focused relationships and demonstrate democratisation and decolonisation. The challenge for coaches is how do we keep up with these changes!


Dr. Celine Mullins

The Science of Effective Change

As a coach a huge part of our role is to help you clients create Change. This session will take us through some evidence-based practices to:

  • Create change in a sustainable manner
  • Overcome obstacles that block change
  • Help ourselves & our clients to handle stress in the face of change


Dr. Lise Lewis

Why Supervision? You don’t know what you’re missing!

Some of the comments I hear in my supervision practice:

  • “I’m stuck and I don’t know where to go next”
  • “I was surprised this happened in our coaching session - totally unexpected”
  • “What was I supposed to do?”
  • “I just get overwhelmed sometimes and as a coach I feel I should be able to cope”
  • “Does this usually happen in coaching or is it just me?”

If you’re curious about any of these you may like to hear about the stories behind the statements and how the role of supervision features.


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